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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It has finally happened! it's been a while since I have been able to put much on the blog!  There is a very good reason for that....once I found out I was PREGNANT....I realized I hadn't thought far enough ahead to what I would say on my blog, while we were waiting for the right time to tell everyone!!!  So I just had to not write anything at all!  So read it....IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED.....I'M PREGNANT!  And I have to tell is purely by prayer that this has happened....let me explain!

So as you can see from the previous I back-up....I had not had a visit from aunt flow since OCT. of 2009, so that rules out me having ANY clue as to when I would be ovulating, if I was at all. first specialist Dr's appt was March 19th at which time a pregnancy test came back negative and we started the initial hormones.  10 days of those and another 10 days of waiting for the 'visit'....and nothing!  What I thought was the beginning of my let-downs here in Rhode Island....was really just a miracle!!!  After going in for a few more blood tests, the reason there was no 'visit' was because I was pregnant.  Turns out...I was 2 weeks pregnant while sitting in the Dr's office and it was simply too early for the pregnancy test to detect!!!!  Sooo......NO hormones, NO aunt flow since October, and NO way of knowing or timing ANYTHING....and BOOM, I'm pregnant!!!  There is only one explanation....all of your prayers and the Grace of GOD!!!

You all have been so amazing and so supportive I have been bursting at the seams to tell everyone!!!  I have actually not announced it just yet (nothing on Facebook) because tomorrow is my 13 week ultrasound and I'm hoping to leave there with a great picture to post online as our announcement!!!  I will also get a few of the earlier pictures up!

Who knew!!!  It looks like my body needed a rest....a rest from my fintess training, a rest from our 'spring break' style weekends in Guam.....simply a rest!  God works miracles....and this is proof!!!

Thank you all!!!  And I can't wait to celebrate with each of you!

OH almost due Grandma's birthday December 8, 2010!!!

 8.5 wks old.....hanging out upside-down!

10.5 wks old....snuggling up to the side!