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Thursday, February 25, 2010

And so it begins.......kinda

Well..I have finally done it! I have created my very first BLOG page. While I have never even followed a blog, I HAVE read a few....and by a few I mean something like 5. So....let the trial and error begin.

Let me start by blog is going to get very personal. It will basically be a sort of journal for my 'adventures' in trying to get pregnant while battling the ever-frustrating fight against PCOS (PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome) . You may get to know more about me than you ever will just have to avert your eyes when you get to those parts. At no time do I want anyone to ever 'feel sorry' for me. God has a plan, I have complete faith in HIS path for me and I hope to simply educate, inspire, and give hope to others who are struggling. I do ask for one thing....your prayers. Prayers are powerful!!!

Now....I have been meaning to start this blog during the last several weeks, but there where a few obstacles. As a Navy wife, every few years....we pick-up and move our life. Married in 2003, our life together began in Guam, then to San Diego, back to Guam, and now we are in Newport. We are still adjusting to the 30 degree temperatures, since for the past 18 months we averaged 87 degrees and balmy, and we are loving the snow days sprinkled in. But, besides that, put simply....I have not been motivated to do much the past few weeks. The gloomy skies and simply waiting to get into the house we will rent for the year, have kept me inside and unmotivated! However, here I am!! So things are looking up!

But back to why I am here....blogging

And so it begins....kinda. My PCOS journey started several years ago....and by several I mean about 18 years ago when at the very early age of 16 I wondered why I never had to have 'personal days' in gym class like the other girls. Here is the time line to bring us up to TODAY....I will refer to the monthly visitor as 'Aunt Flow' and give you the breakdown by may age:

at 16: No 'Aunt Flow'= maybe High Altitude (Colorado) and sports, told to wait it out
at 21: started on BC pills = regular monthly visit from Aunt Flow for the first time, hormone tests where done...but Dr's still had no idea WHY. The pills controlled the ACNE that comes with PCOS, and some of the hyperandrogenism.
at 27: got married, but not ready to have kids so we weren't too worried....but by this time I knew pregnancy would be difficult
at 30: Went to a Navy Ob/Gyn to discuss getting pregnant, she performed a simple ultrasound and was the FIRST to diagnose my PCOS. She told me that because of my normal weight no one had thought to look towards PCOS as the cause.
at 32: Started hormone treatment in San Diego. One cycle of Chlomid/Provera and we were was a blighted ovum and had to be removed 10 weeks later. This seemed very promising, the fact that I could actually GET pregnant...but it gets better.
~ we started several more rounds of C/P, switched to Follistim, saw a few promising follicles, but nothing. And it was time for our next Navy Guam
at 33: off to Guam, more C/P, with no results. Guam does not have the resources to
do anything then it was a waiting game. (in which, with the encouragement of a good friend, ran the 34th Marine Corps Marathon in DC).
at 34: 2 weeks I have my first appointment to get this ball rolling!!!

Learn more HERE about PCOS:

OK...I have spent way too much time on this today....more to follow!