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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Third Trimester

It has definitely been a while since my last post so now it's time to play catch up!  

So yesterday was the official start to my 3rd Trimester...and this morning at about 5:30am...I had my first official 3rd Trimester Charlie Horse....and it hurt like HE**!  Todd was great...immediately helped to massage out the tense muscle.  He said I  scared him at first...he wasn't quite sure what was going on.  I KNEW what was going on and was still scared....scared that it wasn't going to ever end.  Even though it only lasted probably 15 felt like forever!  However...I say 'BRING IT ON'....I'm ready...whatever it takes!

Last night was the 2nd night I felt the baby hiccups! So cute....and so crazy to think there is a whole other person in there with their own little bodily functions going on!  Amazing!

I have a few more baby bump pictures to post here....I feel like I'm getting huge...and that it just came out of no-where!  Todd just laughs and says he can't imagine me getting any bigger...well....he won't have to imagine for's happening!

 Catching up on my 'Baby Bargains' over Labor Day weekend.  Hanging out at 2nd Beach in Middletown, RI. (26w 5d)

I've definitely been staying busy these last few weeks.  After all the summer road trips....there was one last stop I just HAD to make...and that was San Diego, CA!  Becky flew in from NV and I from RI and they threw a great baby shower for me!  I was able to see so many great friends!  

Julie, Becky and I heading out for dinner...

Kylie joined us...

Out for some cupcake taste testing 

Heading to the shower...

 All the wonderful ladies who joined us!!!

 The glorious cupcakes!

Then it was off to the beach with Becky for some amazing Belly Shots!

 Probably my favorite!

Since being back...and besides relaxing and enjoying the cool weather that Newport has been waiting for...I have kept busy with my artsy/craftsy side!    I was able to make several baby gifts for friends who recently had their little ones, put together my fall decor including my interchangeable wreath (meaning....the fall decor removes easily and I will have Christmas decor on it in a few months!  one wreath...several seasons!), made a couple pieces of jewelry for Christmas presents, and am in the middle of several other Christmas gifts right now!  Of pictures for several months!  Actually...I may sneak a few in here!  (Looks like I still need to upload them from the it will be a little bit...however...I will get them on here!)  I have been using my CRICUT machine and am having a BLAST with it!  

Well...time to head out...I have started volunteering at the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Thrift Store on Tuesdays and playing Mahjong on Thursdays...birthing classes start on Monday (I can't wait) and in 3 more prenatal Yoga!  So I plan on staying busy ...and now...I must wisk away and get ready for Mahjong to begin!!! 

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