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Friday, March 19, 2010

The first appointment.......

It is true, we just got back from our first appointment. It took approximately one hour and that was going over or re-hashing my 'book' of records, revisiting which lab tests I have had completed and which ones we will do over again, going over our options for the next few months and then....getting started right away with my first blood draw (lab work) and prescriptions to fill! I was actually very afraid that this first appointment would be simply going over records and past failed attempts...but NO....we's official!

So what does this actually look like? Well, I had the blood drawn for 3 tests there at the office, I will then proceed to the lab at the Navy base to finish the other 13 tests (yes...13 total) that they will run. THEN...I have 4 prescriptions to fill once I get the OK. The OK has to do with the Pregnancy test that they will be running on todays labs. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, "OHHHHhhhh....this MUST mean something if they are running this test...she's not giving us the full story!!!!" AM giving you the full story...and basically, before I can start with the Provera, they want to double check that no miracles took place over the last month, nobody is exactly sure what can happen if I were pregnant while on  Prevera...however, it's no big deal if I am.  But, no, I haven't ovulated or done anything's just the "We are 100% sure you are not prego." test. The Provera will start Monday morning...and we wait 10 to 20 days for my cycle to start. The day it starts (Day 1 or D1) I call the Dr. office, D2 or D3 I go in for baseline ultrasound and test the hormone levels, and then it's on to a different hormone...the Gonadotropin. These will be self injections then back in for another ultrasound and lab work D8, continue with injections D10 ultrasound and lab work, continue injection D12 ultrasound and lab work, a NEW hormone injection D13. D-Day...approx. D15. Then another new hormone D16-28 and then a PREGNANCY TEST! So....there you have it folks....a break down of my next month!

Keep the prayers coming! The Dr. was great, I feel very confident in the clinic and am very excited. She did let us know that we should be ready for this to take 3-5 cycles before we get pregnant and not to be discouraged or disappointed if it does not happen this first cycle....however, I know that anything is possible! It is all in HIS timing!


  1. Wow! So exciting yet complicated! I'm now beginning to realize why so much emotion goes into pregnancies that result from this! I'm so excited to see how confident you are, so motivating! I wlll pray hard for a cute little miracle to happen! Miss you!

  2. It. sounds like you found yourself a good Dr! I love that they started right away. You have a busy month ahead and we will be praying for you.

  3. I am so glad that you have a great doctor who is willing to start you right from the first appointment. I never knew what was involved in this type of pregnancy, thanks for sharing it with us. We will be praying for a miracle.

  4. Hey Jolene! I know we only met a few times but I wanted to let you know I am praying for your family! My best friend on guam has PCOS & after 10 years of trying, they got off the hormones and his family gave her a chinese powder and she got pregnant. I know sometimes it can be discouraging but its truly a miracle and completely in God's hands! I have faith that you as well will be blessed at the right time! :] keep your head up and keep us all posted on your journey! You are brave for posting everything online but its surely a way to let good friends follow your progress without individually telling them! :] I'm happy for you, good luck & God bless! I will be praying!!!! Keep your head up!

  5. WOOHOO!!! Glad you like your doc! Can't wait to hear what happens next. Just THINK of the blog shower we are going to throw you when it all works!!! Fingers (and toes) crossed for you my friend!!! xoxo!